About Cherrelle.

“Elle, naturally” is my outlet to expressing everything that I’m about. It’s completely selfish mind you, I’m doing this so that through expressing all of those things, I’m hoping to find out who I am and who I’m supposed to be. So, sorry.

Things you should know:

I AM CANADIAN! No matter where I end up, it’ll always be my home and I love it.

I love fashion, but my fashion sense has often been questioned: That doesn’t stop me though, I know what I love and I pride myself on purchasing inexpensive clothes from thrift stores or sale items and making them work for me.

Food is my passion: Even though there aren’t a whole lot of things that I’ve tried, strangely, I know how things are supposed to taste and what goes together (says something about watching too much TV, eh?).

I care about strangers: Haha, it’s true. I genuinely care about random people and I’d do anything I could to help. I’m weird like that.

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